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headshot_02Hi… My name is Rob Seiler

It’s obviously difficult to talk about yourself so I decided the best thing to do was to show you an interview I did recently.

You’re possibly saying to yourself… “who is this guy and why should I listen to what he has to say?”

Well…you don’t have to listen to me and that’s your choice but… what if I had something to say that could possibly change your life?

That’s actually happened to me before! I read a book once and it totally changed my attitude to what I was doing with my life.

I completely re-designed my life and took on a whole new direction and I’m now in a completely different situation than where I would have been if I hadn’t.

And it’s all been for the better!

So… don’t ignore what I can pass on to you or take it lightly. Or even brush it off as some guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

I’ve been where you are now with your exams and the pressures of study and succeeding in your career. I found out “how to beat the system” by developing my own “system”.

So read the interview below and have a good think about what I have to say. I’ll see you at the end…


Interview With Rob Seiler…

 The Secrets Of An ‘A’ Student


Discover the secrets of an ‘A’ student in this exclusive interview with study expert Rob Seiler. Rob is the creator of the #1 best-selling online course “How To Study Bootcamp” and is probably one of the most recognized names in online “how to study” courses today.

In the following interview, Rob reveals how he developed his unique 6-step study system and how he used it to propel himself from an exam failure to becoming an ‘A’ student all in a matter of a few months. He tells you exactly how he did it in his online course

Hi Rob, and thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview. Maybe the best way for us to begin is for you to tell us a bit about yourself and your online how to study course.

Sure. Well… first off I specialize in telling high school, college and university students exactly how, in 6 easy steps, they can get ‘A’s in their exams and then go on to become whatever they want to be once they break through the barrier that exams represent.

What really sets my study system apart from all the other “how to study” products out there is that I give students a simple 6-step system to follow which will take them from the very first lecture to the last exam and show them exactly what to do and why they are doing it.

I haven’t found anything else available in the world today which will do this. Most other products are a collection of study tips on how to take notes or how to listen in lectures etc. There is no other complete study system available as far as I know.

Also, most other “how to study” products are written by teachers, academics and psychologists. Very few are written by students. Who best to understand what a student has to go through when they’re studying for exams than another student? I developed this system when I was a student and as a result, whoever uses it can fully identify with me as I explain exactly how and why I studied in the way that I did.

Actually, that brings up a good question: Why, exactly, is your “How To Study Bootcamp” study system so successful?

The reason the study system is so successful is because I preach what I’ve practised. In other words, this is exactly the same study system I used when I was at university doing my second degree.

Would you go to a dentist who had bad teeth? Of course not. If he can’t look after his own teeth, how can he look after yours? Would you hire someone who’s overweight to teach you how to lose weight? No way! If they can’t do it themselves, how can you be sure that what they’re teaching isn’t rubbish?

Students want to know how other students can do so well in exams and how they can do the same. Who best to learn from than a student who already knows how to get ‘A’s and already has the runs on the board? Someone who’s already “walked the talk”.

So, is that the only reason your study system is selling like hot cakes?

Well, another big reason is because I take all the risk out of becoming a member of “How To Study Bootcamp”. In other words, I offer a very simple guarantee to any student who becomes a member. They can join up for 8 weeks and within that time get a full refund for any reason whatsoever, no questions asked, if they feel it won’t help them get ‘A’s in their exams.

They also get to keep all the bonus e-books that they receive as part of their membership, valued at over $200. In other words they end up with over $200 worth of information if they decide to ask for a refund.

But you know what… very few students want a refund because they end up getting the results they’ve always wanted, and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about… results! It reminds me of a story that always stuck in my mind when I first heard it.

It’s about two lumberjacks cutting down a tree, one with a blunt axe and the other with a sharp one. The two guys are equally strong but the one with the sharp axe cuts down the tree in half the time compared to the one with the blunt axe.

Both guys are doing exactly the same thing and wanting the same result, but one does it easy and the other does it hard. Studying for exams is exactly the same. Every student wants to get ‘A’s but some students study hard (or use a blunt axe) and others study smart (use a sharp axe). My study system shows students how to study smart.

That’s a great way of looking at it… just by changing how you study, you get better results with much less effort. Rob… could you tell us a little bit about your own history and background? How did you get involved in showing students how to get ‘A’s in their exams?

Well… at the risk of boring you too much, I decided at an early age that I wanted to be a marine biologist and travel around the world working with dolphins and the sea. I had just turned seventeen and started a science degree at university in Australia. One day when I was skin diving by myself about 200 meters out to sea, I was approached by a very large shark and purely by staying calm, I managed to get to shallow water and escape while the shark circled me in smaller and smaller circles.

After such a close encounter with a man eating shark, I found it impossible to get back into the water more than waist-deep. Not much use if you want to be a marine biologist. In fact in the last year, less than a kilometer from my home, two guys have been taken by white pointers and never seen again. One of them was a marine biologist!

A lot of the scenes from “Jaws” were actually filmed in the southern part of Australia near where I used to live.

Any way… the whole point of this story is that I decided not to be a marine biologist but completed my science degree and became a microbiologist… something I wasn’t motivated to be, and ended up failing my final year and repeating it. In fact my whole academic record was quite unimpressive and I managed to scrape through each year.

When I tried to get employment as a microbiologist, I was turned down every time because my results had been so poor and because I’d failed my final year.

So… there I was after four years at university with no job, all because my exam results were so bad. That’s when I decided that I had to start studying smart and get ‘A’s in my exams. I had no choice otherwise I’d end up with an average job and a difficult future.

I managed to get admission to another university to do a second degree in optometry but this time I had to pay for everything myself including accommodation, so I literally couldn’t afford to fail a year otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go on and finish.

When I started using my new study system, I couldn’t believe the results.

I ended up with 100% results for various assignments, ‘A’s in my subjects, a scholarship with my future employer, a degree with honours and a university prize for coming first in one of my final year subjects… all a result of using my system.

After graduating I walked straight into a high paying job as an optometrist.

After a few years working as an optometrist I decided to travel the world and ended up in China advising students about going to study in Australia. As I was working a lot with students, many of them used to ask me how to study and that was when I decided to write down my study system. I published it as a book at first and it became a best seller in Singapore.

When the internet became more popular I decided to sell it online as a downloadable pdf file and it’s been selling like crazy ever since. Recently though, after releasing a few free videos about how to improve exam results, lots of students requested I do an online video course about my book and that when “How To Study Bootcamp” was created.

This study system of yours sounds too good to be true… how did you you actually come up with the system itself?

Well… firstly I got so let down by all the other “how to study” books that are out there. I read most of them and they weren’t much help at all, just a lot of unrelated tips and suggestions on what makes a good student.

Have you ever heard it said that if you want to be successful at something, you should find someone who already is and then do exactly what they do? Well I wanted to find someone who was successful in exams and copy them. Only problem was… I couldn’t find anything written by a successful student.

After trying all the available books I realized that I’d have to come up with my own system. I started by asking myself three simple questions. The first one was “how do some students do so well in exams but seem to do very little study?”. My answer was that they studied smart and not hard! How many times have you heard that though? The secret was what studying smart meant. I was able to come up with the answer.

The second question I asked myself was, “how do we learn instinctively?” To answer this question I thought about how children learn and came up with five ways. They were: asking questions, making mistakes, feedback, copying and repetition. Only one problem remained and that was how to incorporate these observations into a method.

This came to me when I asked myself the third question. One day I was watching sport on TV and the third question presented itself. If exams were like sport, how would I train myself? Finally I had all the ingredients for my study system.

Any last words Rob?

Yes… the only thing from stopping you from getting ‘A’s in your exams is YOU! You’re probably reading this interview and saying, “Wow, that sounds great”… but unless you actually do something and take action, you’ll keep getting the same results you’re getting today. Do you think I got ‘A’s in my first exams… no way!

If you want ‘A’s just do what I did. You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out. I wish I had a successful ‘A’ student to copy when I was doing my first degree. It would have saved me four more years at university and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

About The Author:

Robert Seiler used to fail exams until he developed his own extremely successful study system which propelled him to ‘A’ student status almost overnight. So… listen to what he has to say as he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to getting ‘A’s in exams.


OK… there you go. Enough about me though… this is really about


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You know what amazes me sometimes? How students will go and spend fifty bucks on a couple of music CD’s but won’t spend the same to find out how they can totally change their lives for the better.

I know the usual excuses… maybe it won’t work for me, or, I’ve read all the books about how to study and they didn’t help, or maybe this is just a trick to get some money from me!

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