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“In the same way an Olympic athlete trains, physically disciplining the body to win gold, Robert has created an action plan for the mind to pass examinations. A method which, when practised daily, not only increases memory retention, but also stimulates concentration and provides the brain with a logical storage sequence which is simple to recall with 100% accuracy.

This is your key to open the professional doors you desire, creating wealth and happiness in your life.”

Lucille Orr

“Unfortunately, I am no longer studying. I wish I had known this method at the time.

I only achieved average grades at university and have therefore missed out on my chosen profession as I was passed over for those students with better grades. My academic results do not reflect my ability, but my ineptness at passing exams…

Had I been aware of this method of study, I believe I now would be where I wish to be.”

Michelle Baker
(former student)

“After completing the How To Study Bootcamp I achieved 3 distinctions, 5 credits and 4 P1’s out of 12 subjects after languishing in the P2 area along with a failure in 1 subject.”

Andrew Sassi

“I found it (the system) very good because it was a new experience to be able to study in a way that works. All I can say is thank you.”

Chelsea Brooks

“Authentic as real – based on successful experiences from student days; applicable as simple; revolutionary as fundamental; and most importantly – useful as effective.”

Scott Cadzow
(1st year law student)